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Travel Fears and Aspirations:

During COVID-19 isolation in anticipation of a return to travel The following represents study results published Sept 14, 2020 in an infographic format. Primary Investigator: Dr. Joe Pavelka Researchers: Laura Ell and Karly Upshall ...

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Adventures in Eco Spa Development (Part 1)

One of the most healing islands in the world has to be the nature island of Dominica.  I have had a strong bond with the island since arriving there in 2005 to do some consulting for then Jungle Bay Resort & Spa which was just opening.  The 35 ...

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Labyrinth Resurgence in Wellness Destinations:
10 Steps for a Meaningful Labyrinth Walk

Walking labyrinths has become a more sought-after experience in wellness tourism and yoga some retreat centres and integrating them into the landscape for guest enjoyment. Historically they were used in ancient Greece and it has roots in Hindu Lore...

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Code of Conduct for Indigenous-Inspired Spas

I am delighted to share the following indigenous-inspired spa and wellness code of conduct which has been in development the past couple of years with the input of some of the top indigenous healers and spa developers/owners from around the globe. ...

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